We are two farmers and a cattle dog growing organic vegetables in the coastal foothills west of Eugene, OR. Our work brings together a reverence for the land with a passion for good food.

We care for 17 acres of land. Of that, three acres are in vegetable cultivation. Every aspect of what we do is met with careful attention and consideration to inspire the highest quality produce.

From seed to harvest, we aim to grow in a responsible and sustainable way that not only maintains but improves soil fertility. We never use synthetic inputs on our farm. We source rare, organic, and non-GMO seeds. We build soil with cover crops and compost. We control weeds and pests with organic, hands on methods. Focusing on heirloom and specialty crops, we grow some of the most flavorful and nutrient dense food available. We aim to be certified organic in 2017. We are committed to a way of life that honors lively land, strong local economy, and delicious food.